Anthem Singer Blames Leg Cramp For ‘Worst Ever Rendition’ At Baseball Game

A North Carolina singer is apologizing for what’s being called the ‘worst rendition’ of the Star Spangled Banner. He is however blaming a leg cramp. Watch the video below and you tell us.

It happened at a High Point Rockers game last Sunday (May 5th.). Chuck Hayworth, who was a substitute singer, stepped onto the field and struggled throughout the whole song.

Hayworth wrote, in a now-deleted, Facebook post:

To all who attended the game today… my sincerest apologies. Our singer could not attend today’s make up game. I stepped in and did not realize that the heat had gotten to me. My leg began to cramp and you saw what happened. By no means was this any disrespect to our country or our organization, nor all those who serve it. Needless to say they have banned me from singing it ever again at BB&T

On the flip side the team released a statement saying Hayworth is welcomed to sing again.

[Photo: Pixabay] [Story: Daily Mail]


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